The Founders

We have a combined 70 years of clinical experience in the NHS and private healthcare sectors. We identify problems and solutions required to improve clinical and financial performance.

We are NHS Clinical Innovation Fellows and appointed to the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme.

Dr Jay Radharkrishnan

MBBS MD FRCA FFICM D.Phil (Clinical Medicine, Oxford)
NHS Clinical Entrepreneur
NHS Innovation Fellow

I am a doctor by profession and scientist by temperament. I have more than 20 years of clinical experience in two different healthcare systems.

I am interested in the use of data to robustly drive decisions and strategy to provide better care for patients while using resources efficiently. I believe modern healthcare systems can greatly benefit from analytical and management methodologies that are now standard in science and industry.

My aim is to drive research, innovation and quality improvement in health care by providing reliable data streams and robust self-service analytics backed by innovative algorithms and novel AI·

Dr Kevin Kiff

NHS Clinical Entrepreneur
NHS Innovation Fellow

I have over 20 years senior healthcare leadership experience in a major UK NHS Trust. Whilst Clinical Director for Emergency Care, and Lead Clinician for our PFI, I developed new services, supported by evidence, based on clinical need. 

I have a special interest in data driven, patient-centred pathway redesign. As a Critical Care consultant, I understand the value of clean data that can withstand robust scrutiny. However, I also know that current healthcare data systems do not support the analyses required to identify potential population benefits.

Dr Alistair Hughes

NHS Clinical Entrepreneur
NHS Innovation Fellow

I have 20 years experience working within healthcare in the UK, throughout this, I have been involved with developing new services and ways of working based on gained evidence utilising an iterative approach.

I am particularly interested in using data to drive pathway changes to the benefit of both patients and the organisations that provide services for them. I believe that this needs to be built on sound data and analytics.

I am driven to utilise new technologies and automated processes to enable serial pathway redesign.

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