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Setting the standards for intregrated data collection and analytics in the perioperative patient pathway.

Digitise your entire perioperative patient flows with the Sofia Software Suite.


1. Schedule theatres intelligently

Micro-managing theatre lists to acheive optimal operational efficiency does not work. Manual scheduling is tedious and estimates are often inaccurate. There is variation - some surgeons are predictably slow and some patients are unpredictably complex, surgical techniques change as do team cultures.

Our scheduler can accommodate all this variation and intelligently populate lists with a specified probability threshold for finishing on time. You specifiy the threshold or even better let the scheduler identify optimal threshold for your work culture based on data.

2. Minimise cancellation downtime

Unused theatre time is wasted opportunity. Increase theatre output using intelligent scheduling with the ability to rapidly refill short notice cancellations.

3. Informative metrics

Monitor theatre utilisation effectively in real time. Compare booking efficiency with delivery metrics - identify and fix operational bottlenecks.

Move beyond simple time utilisation to more useful throughput and usage metrics. Map theatre effectiveness to local waiting lists and missed opportunities.

4. Surface data relationships

Move beyond simple data summaries and identify complex data relationships with ease. Conduct improvement exercises with ease and confidence. Let the powerful dashboard show the effectiveness of your strategy and the trade-offs in different domains. Define and monitor custom metrics - see what you need, when you need.

5. Confident decisions with clean data

Make data integrity the default option at the point of entry. Avoid cascading and amplifying errors with strict validation rules for every piece of data that flow through your system. Make effective decisions backed by accurate data.

6. Manage and clear waiting lists

Finally, a tool to effectively manage waiting lists. Identify the resources required to clear the waiting lists across the board, for a given speciality or for a given procedure. Create custom theatre templates to explore the impact of different theatre allocations on waiting lists. Produce compelling business cases using powerful comparisons backed by local performance and local data.

Combine this with an intelligent scheduler that can prioritise patients based on any criteria you choose - national or local targets, referral to treatment time, income potential etc.

7. Keep patients informed

Keep your patients on the waiting list informed about their expected date of surgery. Our estimation engine can tell your patient when they are likely to have their surgery at the time of booking. The system can inform your patients using your/their preferred mode of communication on estimates on a regular schedule.

8. Manage patient and staff wellbeing

Improve morale and efficiency by effectively managing theatre overruns. Use the scheduler to manage list complexity and ensure complex patients get higher priority within a theatre list.

9. Manage theatre resources

There is no need to guess resources required for a theatre anymore.

Predict theatre resource requirements - sets, disposable, equipment, personnel, at the point of scheduling. Use the scheduler to automatically manage resource constraints while scheduling patients. Monitor actual costs and compare with predicted costs using the realtime dashboard.

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